We are a new student organization at ETSU in 2020.

Our goals:
have screeningsestablish a film journalbuild a community

submission info for the film magazine

Email us at [email protected] with pitches, submissions and questions.

Don't be nervous about pitching! we'll work with you.

Due to the online nature of the mag, we don't currently have a word count requirement, just whatever is enough for you to get your statements out. From manifestos to deep dives, we'd love to read your work.

pitches: accepting until October 1st (but please pitch asap so you have time to write)online pub day: December 1st!

things we will accept
close formal analysis of a film or other mediaan essay that presents an thesis/argument about a film or other media, or a comparison between two films or other mediayour creativity!

things we will not accept
a film review (this was 'good' or 'bad', tell us why!)'hot takes', especially presented without close readinglisticles